Monday, April 19, 2010

Less Food, More Exercise. STAT.

Well, everything worked out with the car yesterday, it turned out that part of the plastic handle enclosure broke, and once removed I was able to open the hood.  I'll have to find that piece to replace it soonish.

Now this morning I weighed in at 264.  I expected a gain, but that is a bit much!  I ate rather poorly this weekend and didn't get much exercise in.  I was going to head for a bike ride this AM, but for whatever reason (getting paged and working for an hour at 1AM probably didn't help), I felt crappy when the alarm went off at 5 and opted for another hour of sleep.

So....  Now I have to crack down and get into a routine of good eating and regular gymming.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yeah, so my luck is pretty much legendary.

Cut to last night.  Roommate is home, offers to jump start my car for me.  We head out and I reach in to pop the hood - has some issues with this, usually takes a few tries.  Second pull and SNAP!  cable breaks.  Soooo.....  Now I have a car with a dead battery, and am unable to pop the hood to jump it.  MOTHER FUCKER.

Conveniently there is this cool tool that plugs into the cigarette lighter to charge/jump your car and that would be awesome, but it does not seem to be sold at any brick-and-mortar stores, only online.  My friend is supposedly coming by this morning to help out, hoping to be able to pop the hood somehow...

Until then :(

Oh, did at least get a bike ride in this morning, maybe about 4 mi.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Half Productive

I got a bit done this morning!  Got the temporary registration for my car all set, just need to take it through emissions and go back to get plates...  After that I returned some struts and mounts I'm not going to use, got an oxygen sensor, a cheap pair of kicks, hit up the farmer's market, and since some lady sold me parsley and told me it was cilantro, I brought my friend Nicole a new parsley plant :)

Since my phone battery had died, I swung home to charge it, watch a redbox movie I still had, then head over to the gym, etc.  Unfortunately, I'm a moron and left the lights on in the car and now have a dead battery.  Should the roommate come home soon, I'll get a jump and head to the gym, otherwise I'm not sure what's up :(

Back To The Grind

Well yesterday was a day off of the gym (I didn't really want it, but figured it was a good idea), and I also ate relatively normally.  I had some juice in the morning, lots of veggies during the day, some fatty sag paneer and clam chowder for lunch, and some late night anti-pasta and carrots with hummus while I movied.  Consequently, 3lb gain this morning!!!!  I'm at 260 and am going to try to buzz back down to 257 in the next couple days so I don't record a gain in the little spreadsheet I'm tracking all this stuff in at work...  We shall see.

So Today...  I'm headed off to DMV to register my car shortly (I should get there about 45minutes early, so that will pretty much suck).  Then going to return some car parts I bought on the way to the New Haven Farmer's Market (in Wooster Square).  After that I'm planning to gym.  I want to lift, so maybe squats/bench/incline followed by some cardio.  It's cold outside again so I probably won't be riding the bike until later in the week.

I'm off to throw together some eggs on toast and run out!

Friday, April 16, 2010


That's the song from Fiddler, right?

Well I'm moving off the water fast, and did so miserably yesterday!  Even on here I didn't mention the small chocolate shake I got with the wrap and fries, so I'm coming clean now :)

But, to make up for all this, I went on a 5 mile bike ride after work, then bowled 4 games at night with some friends.  Before bowling I had one of those little V8 drinks, but other than that just water.

Seemed to pay off - I stayed at 257 today with the scale wanting to drop o 256, and I am really enjoying the increased activity.  Unfortunately the weather sucks right now, getting rain and have a cold front running through for the next week.

Today I plan to actually do some juicing, and head to the grocery store to get the rest of the goods for making  my veggie and white bean soup (that I really want to throw in a blender after and make a rich blended soup).  Next week I might braise some pork or beef and start making some bean dishes.  I need to find a cilantro plant at the farmer's market tomorrow...

Working today, some errands at lunch, then maybe gym after work.  I think I'm going to hit the hay early tonight b/c I was up until midnight last night!! Huge 360 for me going to bed early and getting up early, but I like it :)