Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Before and... well, During :)

I figured I would post some photos to show my progress along the way. They're not so great yet, but if I do this every month or so, I think I'll like what I see a lot more!

The first is from a bit ago, and I'm not even sure what weight I was - just that it wasn't good! Here I am in a bar, of course, wearing huge, over-sized clothes thinking it might hide how big I was. That is apparently not the case! I'm not so fond of this picture, but I think I do look a bit better now (please someone tell me I do!) :)

The next picture is from the October/end of October time period. This is a trip to a winery with some friends, a good time all around. Still not proud to show off pics, but I think a definite improvement over the previous. At this point, I am probably around 280-285. This is in the range of 15lbs lost since I weight myself and started this in mid-September.

This final picture is from recently (last week), around 265lbs. I mustered up the courage to take the shirt off! From now on, that is how I will take pics so I can see better what kind of progress I am making.

I'll try to do this monthly!


Tim Wilson said...

I think growing the hair has given you a slimming affect. :)

Good job, keep up the good work!

I am not as brave as you are, still no non-shirt pics..... maybe soon :)

Nicholman said...

Thanks, Tim! As much as I'm not particularly pleased with the shirtless pics, I know that a year from now I will want something to compare...